Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Raise Your Steyn-Canada's gift to punditry's at it again, looking at Labor Day, progress and Psalm 8. Go thou and readest; we just got done looking at Psalm 8 in church a week ago. One of many keeper quotes-
The Eighth Psalm describes the central fact of our modern existence. It was a lot less plausible when it was written, when man's domain stretched barely to the horizon, when ravenous beasts lurked in the undergrowth, when the oceans were uncharted and the maps dribbled away with the words "Here be monsters ..." Back in those days, if PBS jetsetting finger-wagger Bill Moyers was sitting under some tree in the South African bush bemoaning man as a "cancer on the planet," nobody in Connecticut would be able to hear a word he was yakking on about, oh happy day.
Thanks to Papa Blog for the heads-up.

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