Friday, September 05, 2003

Orn'ry Henri-It looks like I finally get to see a tropical storm upclose and personal. Henri is about 100 miles east of St. Pete and heading this general direction, expected to make landfall a bit north of the Tampa Bay area near midnight. We're a good 50 miles inland, so storm surge stuff isn't a factor, but we'll still get a lot of rain. We're already getting some early drizzle thanks to Henri. Minor problem. We've got tickets to Night of Joy tonight. Michael W. Smith. Nicole C. Mullins. Rebecca St. James. Petra. It's a pity they couldn't get any stars to come (For those of you who aren't in the CCM loop, that's a all-star cast). Disney World hosts the thing, and as part of the group package we got through Warner Southern, we get into Disney World at 4, have the run of the place, then the concerts start at various locals in the park at 8. Not bad for $20. We'll most likely be on the southeastern edge of Henri this evening, so I swung by WallyWorld to pick up a couple of ponchos for Eileen and I on my way to work just now. One of the downsides of being 6'5" and, ur, stocky; the generic "one size fits all" stuff usually doesn't. At least the poncho I got for Eileen was honest to say "One size fits most." I kinda figured I wouldn't be one of the most.

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