Friday, September 05, 2003

One Seagull Returns-The Texas Democrat Two-Step to the border ends as one guy decides to get real.
State Sen. John Whitmire, the longest-serving Democrat in the state Senate, returned to Texas Wednesday from Albuquerque, where 10 of his fellow Democrats remain. Whitmire is taking a lot of heat for returning home, but he said that's where the fight must now take place. "I just don't know what 30 more days in Albuquerque would accomplish. Ultimately, I think everyone knows we need to fight this on the Senate floor. We can do it next week or we can do it two or three months from now, but it's going to happen," Whitmire said. According to Whitmire, some of his Democratic colleagues have talked of staying in New Mexico until Christmas.
However, that isn't stopping people from keeping up the rhetorical fight at the cost of being factually challenged-
The White House has insisted that the redistricting fight is a state matter. But the Texans in Washington, and one ally in the House, said the similarities between Colorado and Texas indicate a concerted effort by Republicans to gain advantage illegally. "What's happening here is people in the Republican Party are trying to overturn the results of elections. They are trying to overturn the results of elections in Texas two years ago. They are trying to overturn the results of the election in California. They are trying to overturn results of the election in Colorado," said U.S. Rep. Martin Frost, D-Texas.
That dog don't hunt, Marty. The 2002 elections aren't being overturned; you'll still have your seat through 2004. What will go down if the Republicans get their way is that the 2004 elections will have a different set of districts. I don't know of any constitutional requirement that states have to stick with an original redistricting plan for an entire census cycle. Irregular, to be sure, but not illegal.

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