Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Morning Musings-I just spend some time with the photographer from the Lakeland Ledger here in the office this morning; I just got off the phone with Cary McMullen from the Ledger talking about my blogging. If all goes well, I might get my first 15 minutes of fame on Saturday. To the best of my knowledge, I've never been a subject of any newspaper coverage other than the pro-forma graduation, engagement and marriage pieces. An interesting part of the conversation was about how I share things in my personal life on the blog. I'm a fairly transparent person, not good at putting on facades, so I'm fairly comfortable airing my emotional dirty linen in public, even if someone from my "real life" might read it. Kerry wasn't a candidate until today? Sure did seem like he was. Maybe this is the only way he can get some free press, given the Dean love-in we've seen this summer. Will he run a stronger campaign as a challanger rather than the front-runner? We shall see. I didn't see a bit of Jerry Lewis this weekend; they raised $60m. In a pre-cable era, the telethon used to be a good day-long variety show interupted by checkbook-tugging bathos. When the alternatives were soap operas and an old movie, it looked good. Not today; I can't recall the last time I watched more than a split-second while channel-surfing. The Texans seem to have spent a sixth-rounder well; Drew Henson's moving to football. They might not have a good spot for him, given that David Carr is the QB of the present and future, but they might convert those rights into a first round pick for another team willing to give him a shot.

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