Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Midday Musings-Someday I'm going to get out of "Give us this day my daily overheads" mode, but it isn't today. A four-hour (well, actually three, but it's supposed to go 6-10) night class in Melbourne yesterday on top of three hours of day classes yesterday makes Dr. B. a grouchy fellow (give thank always, Mark, give thanks always) this afternoon; I still need to get two classes prepped for tomorrow and two quizzes and a term paper set graded by end of business tomorrow for my International Finance class from last month. Needless to say, the free ice cream will likely be severly rationed until the weekend. However, God might be gracious and give me prepping and grading mercies. Interesting news on Colorado Gov. Bill Owens' seperation. Ben thinks it shoots out any White House aspirations for Owens, while Josh isn't sure. I'm with Ben on this one. While Josh rightly points out that Reagan and McCain have done well at the presidential level working on a second marriage, Owens doesn't have the national gravitas or reputation to make that work. Also, if the theocon wing of the party has other viable contenders with stable marriages (might I suggest my governor Jeb?), they might bypass Owens for less damaged goods. The Ninth Circuit's at it again, throwing out judge-imposed death penalty cases. However, I'm going to give the Ninth a pass on this one, for it seems that they're merely applying the logic the Supreme Court used in another case about needing to have a jury hand down a death sentence. Where that got into the Consitution, I don't know. Oh, for a 60-vote conservative-friendly Senate!

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