Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Evening Musings-Let's send some warm fuzzies over to Dr. Sulik. He's not in a very friendly mood. However, what he suggest that his bishop should do shouldn't be too hard. Given what his head is already at, his lips will already be in the general vicinity. I don't have anything pithy to say about Paul Hill's pending demise. He won't inspire other Bible Belt jihadists, for he was already a martyr to whatever hard-core anti-abortion folks are backing him. Remember that, to the best of my knowledge, we've only had two abortionist assasinations, the one Hill did and the one up in metro Buffalo. We've had the occasional bombing, but they tend to be at night with few exceptions, so I don't see any anti-abortion al Qaeda about to rise up. I'll have a longer post later, but GE's purchase of Universal Studios should prove interesting.

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