Monday, August 25, 2003

¡Yo Queirro Jefe de BĂ©isbol!-Ben mentions this Taco Bell campaign
"Buy a Beef Crunchy Taco, and we'll count that as a vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Buy a Chicken Soft Taco, and we'll count that as a vote for Governor Gray Davis." I have to think that the intangibles here are great. Arnold is crunchy, Gray is soft. Ha!
Other possibilities-Taco Salad for Ueberroth-lots of green but not much substance. Those cinnamon tortilla chips for Arianna Huffington-light and flaky. Steak Burrito for McClintock-Real red meat for the real conservative. Bean Burrito for Bustamante-It's cheap, it's vegetarian and it creates a lot of internal hot air.

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