Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Southern Strategy-Interesting WaPo piece on Lieberman running a centrist campaign. There are a few chucklers, including calling People for the American Way a "left-leaning" organization (if it leaned any more, it would be horizontal), but the interesting thing is that Lieberman is essentially trying Al Gore's strategy of 1988; ignore Iowa and New Hampshire and run as a southern moderate (at least that how he was marketing himself then). Does this undermine the party liberals? Yes. Does it make it hard for them to beat the president when one of their own paints them as being too liberal to win a gereral election? You betcha. However, these are things the nominee will have to get used to (assuming that Lieberman isn't the nominee), for they will have the airwaves filled with attack ads that will be far less charitable than Lieberman is. One thing that stuck me about this campaign is that Lieberman is counting on the Bubba vote to win the election. This says loads about how far anti-Semitism has been beaten down that a Orthodox Jew is getting support from moderate and rural wing of the Democratic Party, not the liberal wing. Either that, or that the Bright takeover of the Democratic Party is so complete, that the remaining God-fearing members of the party will take anyone who stand for traditional values.

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