Monday, August 18, 2003

Simon Sez-Drop Out-This piece is wondering whether Bill Simon will drop out and endorse Ahnold. I don't think he'll have to. Plenty of voters will vote strategicly. If I were in California and asked my opinion right now, I'd be supporting either McClintock or Simon, probably McClintock. However, if I see the race boiling down to a Ahnold-Cruz race, while my guy's stuck in single digits, I'd likely hold my nose and vote for Ahnold. That happened to me back in 1980, when I was a misguided teenager wearing an Anderson button to work in the EMU cafeteria back in my neoliberal days. Come election day, I held my nose and voted for Carter (yes, you may reach for the barf bag, sins of my youth) rather than cast a protest vote. I remember this kind of thing happening in the y'all come Lousiana primaries, where only the top two get into the final. Poor-polling GOP candidates will often drop out in order to build-up support for one of the stronger Republicans. Even if McClintock doesn't drop out, prudent supporters would opt to vote for Ahnold in order to make some positive change in the governorship. He'll pick up those three percent (he's down 25-22 to Bustamante) with defecting Republicans.

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