Tuesday, August 05, 2003

The Sane Wing of the Democratic Party-Lieberman started singing clearly from the DLC Songbook yesterday
"Some Democrats, on the contrary, still prefer the old, big government solutions to our problems," Lieberman said in a speech to the National Press Club. "But, my friends, with record deficits, a stalled economy and Social Security in danger, we can't afford that." Lieberman pulled his punches when it came to naming the former Vermont governor directly, but he did make reference to him. "I share the anger of my fellow Democrat with George Bush and the wrong direction he has taken this nation. But the answer to his outdated, extremist ideology is not to be found in the outdated extremes of our own," the Connecticut senator said. After the speech, Lieberman denied to Fox News that he has a fixation with Dean. "This wasn't a speech in response to Howard Dean alone. Howard Dean is obviously the surprise of the year so far," he said. That surprise is unwelcome to Lieberman, who sees himself as the heir to Clinton centrism.
Here's an interesting question for Tim Russert to throw at him next time he's on-"You've called both the president's policies and the policies of your Democratic rivals outdated and extreme. If those policies are outdated, at what time were they appropriate?" However, he is coming out with a pro-war stance and noted that repealing the tax cuts would be a economic disaster to the average taxpayer. I don't think Dean's emergence is bad for the Lieberman campaign. If you have Kerry, Dean and Gephardt (and Edwards if he can gain some traction) fighting over different flavors of the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party®, Lieberman can win some 35% pluralities in a four-man race. He'd likely lose a head-to-head with Kerry or Gephardt and be even-up with Dean, but division on the left is his best friend.

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