Friday, August 08, 2003

Plano Speaking-The big Episcopal Conservative shindig will be in Plano, TX on October 7-9 (link via Ben). At least the conservatives are respectful of the native religion, getting in after Monday Night Football and leaving before Friday high school games. Here's what I think the kicker piece is, one that should put an OOOHH in everyone's mouth
What is Plano and what will happen there? 1. It is a gathering of bishops, clergy and lay leaders who embrace biblical faith and teaching and who reject the actions of General Convention, to be held October 7-9, 2003 at Christ Church, Plano, Texas. 2. We will pray, worship, study the Word and preach the Gospel. 3. We will hear reports on actions of specially-convened diocesan conventions. 4. We will prepare a detailed petition and proposal for the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Primates, who will meet October 15-16, 2003 5. We will offer training and specific help with canonical, legal and financial issues. 6. We will build relationships and organize our network
In other words, they'll be cooking up an alternative structure for conservative Anglicans in the US and presenting that a week afterwards for approval by the Anglican poobahs. However, I think the title of primate belongs to the House of Bishops, our Bozo Bonobos.

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