Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Morning Musings-US troops in Iraq are now on a one-year rotation. This will get a lot of heart-tugging media pieces about families broken up and soldiers with babies born that they've never seen. I had one of my Melbourne-site students who had to drop the class in order to look after some nieces of hers; mommy was deployed to the Gulf. There's a window of opportuntity for churches to help; if you're near a base that has people deployed in the Gulf, see if your church can provide baby-sitting, handyman help and other support for these de-facto single moms. Extend that to families of servicemen in other overseas locales, too; they need the support as much as the families of the servicepeople in Iraq. ____ The FCC has ruled that broadcast stations airing shows featuring gubernatorial candidates would be subject to giving equal time to all the other candidates. No Terminator. No Different Strokes (darn). No SNL episodes with Father Guido (Don Novelo's running, too). However, this is broadcast only and only for California; cable's still fair game for all of the above _____ The price for Libya's membership in the international community is $2.7 billion; they're close to a deal where that amount of money is paid to the Lockerbee victims. Gadhafi Duck's close to signing off on that deal; he's been on a charm offensive for a while now, trying to become merely another benign military dictator.

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