Thursday, August 07, 2003

Morning Musings-Total Recall II is on. Ahnold announced on Leno last night. The other good news is that Feinstein announced that she's not running. At this point, Arianna Huffington is the closest thing to a credible candidate from the left that's got their hat in the ring; Loretta Sanchez is toying with the idea of throwing her's in now that DiFi's bowed out. Advantage-Terminator. Disadvantage-Gray Gentleman. With Feinstein out of the race, Ahnold has the middle of the political spectrum to himself. Feinstein could have won 35-30, but a garden-variety liberal will lose 35-25. Lileks is back from Server Limbo-and puts two into orbit on Ahnold and on Bishop Robinson. This isn't encouraging-somebody (likely Baathist hard-cases) bombed the Jordanian embassy. Pray that King Abdullah stays the course and keeps leaning to the west.

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