Saturday, August 09, 2003

Morning Musings-I don't get Peter Ueberroth's candidacy. Had he run in 1990, right after he was baseball commissioner, or in 1986 on the heels of his LA Olympic success, I could see it. A decade past his prime, more like two. Now, he seems to be just another corporate fat cat. He doesn't have a prayer of winning, given that the centrist Republican territory is already well staked out by Ahnold. I wonder who (or what) is putting him up to it. The votes he gets won't come from the left; they'll come from the center. This makes him convinenent for liberals looking to pull off a Bustamante 25% plurality. If Ueberroth is more of a closet Bloomberg, he could be carrying water for the left. Are there business interests that might have him favor a Democrat in the statehouse? ___ There seems to have been more going on at Baylor than just the Dennehy murder; the school's put itself on two years probation and seen the basketball coach and AD resign. Baylor's at least nominally a Baptist school, but has been drifting towards a more secular outook in recent years; however, even otherwise devout schools can have bad apples in their midst. Dave Bliss' resignation comes as a surprise. He look like the model coach in the Dennehy case, saying all the right things to the national media, but Dennehy seems to have been getting money under the table from one of Bliss' assistants, and when the assistants are up to no good, the head coach goes.

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