Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Morning Musings-Here's an example for my Macroeconomics opening lecture on supply and demand; there's new compitition for the Pfizer Riser. Glaxo has been approved by the FDA to offer Levitra (Levit-ra; expect bad jokes about magic carpet rides) as an alternative to Viagra. A third impotence drug is in the pipeline. OK, class, what happens to the demand for Viagra? This confirms what I've been seeing at the pump; gas prices have crept up 10-15 cents an gallon , mainly due to a shortage due to a pipeline breakage in Arizona. That shouldn't shift prices up in Florida that much; when we had a similar problem with a Michigan pipeline a year or two ago, prices rose mostly in the Great Lakes area. No Mailman at the Americas qualifing tourneyment? He's home at his mom's funeral; Keynon Martin will sub for him on the US team. Here's a scary statement-"U.S. coach Larry Brown said a spot would be held on the 2004 Olympic team for Malone if the team qualifies." That's a lot more of an if than it used to be.

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