Saturday, August 23, 2003

Morning Musings-The good judge has been suspended for his little stunt. The ALCU types and the Transi crowd are chortling, but it seems appropriate. If a judge gives the middle-diget salute to the law, that's not good for the law. At what point will the Bush administration start tackling the ELF? I'm reluctant to call this terrorism, but when you torch a car dealership (thankfully no casualties), you can't merely call this vandalism. The FBI is treating this as terrorism. The next step for this bunch will be murder of offending parties (some have already died by booby-traps in lumber trees set by like-minded groups) and a crackdown needs to take place before that happens. PETA needs to be looked at as hard as suspecious Muslim charities for helping support groups like the ELF and Earth First ,we'll exploit the other planets later.

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