Sunday, August 10, 2003

Morning Musings-Garamendi's out and Father Guido Sarducci's in? Actually, Don Novello has a better head on his shoulders than Arianna and has done some political satire. He's way to my left, but he'd be a decent candidate. As for Garamendi, they must have figured that having one credible Democrat was the only way to keep the statehouse, and Cruz is the annointed one. Peter Sean Bradley made the case for Ueberroth in the comment sections here and here. If the media can do in Ahnold, Ueberroth could become the choice of the center, but that's a fairly big if. However, I do think the media is capable of slinging enough mud to drive enough people away to make the race unwinnable for Schwarzenegger. Ignorant question; why are the Brits calling him Arnie? _____ Things might finally start to happen in Liberia-Chucky's hours are number (he says he's leaving tomorrow) and US troops come ashore in modest but significant numbers. It'll get very messy before it's over, but it seems to be the right thing to do. ______ Interesting piece on the Army finally cranking up it's Alabama chemical weapons incinerator made for destroying old 60s-vintage weapons. There isn't a good reason to keep them around if burning them will destroy things. Interesting line at the end of the piece-"One person stood outside the gate holding signs to protest the startup." I think that person would protest if they decided not to destroy them, too.

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