Saturday, August 16, 2003

Morning Musings-Don't blame the PGA for the blackout, for they sure aren't shooting the lights out at Oak Hill. They're having US Open numbers, with who's-he journeyman Shaun Micheel (that's the correct spelling) leading halfway through at -3; he's only one of only three guys in red. Mike Weir is two back and Tiger is AWOL at +6. Of course, now the Democrats are blaming this on Big Oil (the blackout, not the high scores, although if they felt that high PGA scores were a political issue, they'd try to tie it to Big Oil, too). I don't think they'd of liked any of the options needed to solve the problem. Building new lines makes people near the lines nervous. There is no politically-correct way to build a power plant; you either have to burn fossil fuels and create more global warming, ruin ecosystems by building more hydroeclectric dams or solve it by using (GASP) nuclear power. The Democrats, led by their environmentalist camps, would have fought any significant change to modernize the electrical system. It's always the cover up that gets you. Dave Bliss could be doing hard time if this story holds up for trying to spin the Patrick Dennehy story, getting his players to try and make him to be a drug dealer. Obstruction of justice, anyone. Oh, by the way, Baylor's a Baptist school. "Yeah, riiiiight" I hear you say. Throw another bucket of coal on the fire, Satan, you've got company. Idi Amin has finally bought the farm from his exile in the Saudi entity.

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