Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Midday Musings-Still in the meeting-to-death first week back for the fall. A couple of goodies to pass on. In the ice-breaker session, we got a small "Anti-Stress Kit" inspired by Branson comic Willie Makeit
A penny, so you will never be broke A marble, in case someone says you've lost yours An eraser, to make problems disappear and a Hug and a Kiss to remind you that someone cares.
The latter two are of the Hershey variety. The second one was a quote from Bernard of Clairveaux. This web version differs a little bit from the one handed out in our seminar today
For there are some who want knowledge for the sole purpose of knowing, and this is unseemly curiosity. And there are some who seek knowledge in order to be known themselves; and this is unseemly vanity . . . But there are also those who seek knowledge in order to edify, and this is charity
That's the dillema of the educator's life. Are we seeking knowledge for our own good or for the good of others. Dr. Weins left off the last bit of the quote I just Googled into-
And there are those who seek knowledge in order to be edified, and this is prudence.
That's where I'm at, more than the charity phase. I might be using my knowledge in order to edifiy others, but I still feel lacking in knowledge.

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