Thursday, August 21, 2003

Midday Musings-School's getting back in session, with our second full day of classes and our beginning-of-year convocation. A 50-something local pastor gave the address. The good laugh line is that BMOC no longer means Big Man on Campus but Balding Man, Old and Chubby. "Give me your whales, your chubbs,your huddled massives yearning to eat free." No, being overweight isn't a good claim for asslym, even in the kinder, gentler Great White North. Chemical Ali is on ice. The noose tightens. Ahnold seems to be saying all the right things; no new taxes, a serious, systematic look at cutting spending, and telling Buffett to drop and give him 500 if he mentions repealing Prop 13. Easier said than done, especially with a Democratic legislature, but a good start.

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