Friday, August 29, 2003

Midday Musings-Mr. Austin, I appreciate your suggestion for Israeli diplomatic gestures. It takes me back three decades to junior-high, where we use that exact gesture-and-phrase. Not edifying, but fun nonetheless. It looks like the Shiite is hitting the fan in Iraq; a bombing at the most prominent mosque in the Shiite mecca of Najaf killed 75. The head of that mosque, Ayatollah al-Hakim, is a respected cleric that is cooperating with the US. The jihadists don't like him, do they? This overstates things: "Arkansas GOP Left Without Senate Candidate." All the usual GOP suspects are blanching at taking on Sen. Lincoln, but some good state senator or mayor will step to the fore. Interesting zoo going on in Italy, where their second-division soccer teams are boycotting the start of the season; a series of lawsuits and fubars has expended Series B from 20 to 24, and 19 of the clubs are boycotting the start of the season. It makes our Sport Tort Center look tame. Another sports rape case, this involving Marlins catcher Ramon Castro. Athletes, do not take women back to your hotel room.

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