Monday, August 25, 2003

Midday Musings-A little breather after my hour with the Romper Room my Macroeconomics class, all 38 of them, the third largest class at Warner. However, it seems that I'm getting more across this semester-the first quiz and homework assignment should tell if my feelings are correct. We were covering price ceilings and floors today, and I wondered why agricultural price supports manage to pass as easily as they do. On the consumer end, it results in higher prices. On the paycheck end, it results in higher taxes from the government having to buy up the excess stuff. However, the farm lobby outshouts the taxpayer and consumer1 interests. _____ Eileen and I spent an interesting evening last night at a Pentecostal church that our neighbors attend. I had to keep from laughing for the amount of characture I was seeing. One of the assistant pastors looked like Huey Long and the other looked like a born-again Paul Horning (if you know your football history, you'll understand why I need the adjective). All three of the pastors speaking had drawls so thick you'd need a steak knife to cut them and all of the were preaching in the "Somebody say AY-MEN! Halla-JU-YAH!" type of exhortive preaching that all three came out of Central Casting for Holy Roller Preacher. The church was also straight out of Central Casting. All the gals in dresses. Almost all the guys over 40 (and quite a few of the younger ones) in suit and tie. No modern praise and worship; the praise was uptempo but not part of the modern praise circuit, more old-school Pentecostal praise played with guitar, keyboard, drums, piano and (or course) industrial-strength revival organ. 180 Proof Pentecostal without a chaser.The only thing that kept it from being totally stereotypical was that it was about 30% black without being an actively "interracial" church; Eileen's freind Frieda, who invited us, is black. However, once you adapt to the stereotype, the Holy Spirit still works the same way and the Gospel is still preached. Pentecostal doesn't mean progressive; these folks were serious old-school and seem only progressive in that they seemed to have gotten past racial problems. __________ Rudy might wind up riding to Ahnold's rescue. The latest pull has Bustamante up 35-22, with McClintock pulling 12 and Ueberroth 7. Expect that to tighten in the next month, as the backers of the last two decide to vote for Ahnold rather than cast a protest vote, especially if Simon actively endorses Schwarzenegger. ______ Expect New Yawkers to be a bit grumpy; the Jets have lost Chad Pennington for most of the season and the US Open is being overshaddowed by Pete Sampras' retirement. The Jets have a good backup in Vinny T, but men's tennis is losing a class act and the man who's won the most majors in history (yeah, he never won the French, but 14 majors is still darn good); advantage Jets. ______ 1-In the true sense of the word, rather than the regulate-and-sue-business-into-the-ground Naderites who have co-oped the word consumer. Are their any lobby groups that are honestly out after Joe Consumer's (rather than Joe Trial Lawyer's or Terri Transi's) best interest?

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