Friday, August 01, 2003

Midday Musings-I don't care for the phrasing, but I like the spirit of Havel's shirt. I'd have thought that Havel would be a notch more statesmanlike-"Screw the Communists," maybe. However, after what he had to go through as a dissident in the 80s, I can see where the more vulgar term would arise. Via Papa Blog, we find Tom Daschle starting up a blog. Start fisking now, and avoid the Christmas rush. It looks like Maurice (some people call him the Joker) Clarett will be sitting for a while; he was joking (to put it charitably) about how much got stolen from his car. However, that same link above had this piece
Defensive lineman Nate Robinson, one of the highest-rated recruits in the country last year, has decided not to enroll at the University of Miami and will instead play at Rutgers. Robinson signed with Rutgers on Wednesday, after Miami would not declare him academically eligible to play this fall. Robinson's SAT score of 800 meets the NCAA minimum for high schoolers with a 3.0 gradepoint average, but is 20 points shy of Miami's institutional standard.
I thought Miami's institutional standard was a 300-pound bench press or a 4.4 40 time. Good for them.

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