Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Midday Musings-Found a new plaything-the Blog This button on the Google Toolbar-I did the last three posts from it. It doesn't work for multi-link posts, but for one-timers, it's a nice toy. One minor problem; I have to have it move away from a Department of Theology default setting. There's some bad news in Iraq; the UN HQ got bombed, killing ten. You, back there! Did you say "A good start"? Stay after class and write 100 times on the white board "Schradenfrude isn't godly." Good news from St. Loius-the Bucs got out of last nights game without any injuries, other than to the defense's pride. Kurt Warner looked like his old self last night in the part of the 24-14 Rams win that I did see. One more lawsuit out of the way; the Justice Department has signed off on a trimmed-down list of polling places in counties that need Justice oversight for low minority turnout. The Davis backers have one last suit up their sleeves, going after punch-card ballots that are being phased out next years in some poorer districts. That's not likely to work, but that's the liberal way; if you can't win at the ballot box, win in the courts. Interesting piece on a pan-Arab American Idol clone that just finished with a Jordanian gal nudging past an Syrian gal in the final; there were protests in Lebanon when their favorite son got knocked off in the semis.

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