Thursday, August 14, 2003

The Lights are On, but No One's Home-I've just got done with a week's worth of meetings and seminars, so I'm whipped. I heard about tonight's power outages as I went to my International Finance class this evening and have memories of a big blackout in 1977 and the classic one in 1965 that inspired a movie Where Were You When the Lights Went Out. It seems to have hit New York, Ontario, Ohio and Michigan, and parts of Connetucuit and Pennsylania, as an lightning strike caused an outage in the US side of Niagra Falls cascaded due to warm weather demand for air conditioner juice. Eileen had called both her parents and mine while I was teaching this evening. The power was on in Midland, MI, as it was in East Lansing where Kevin Holtsberry is at a conference. Midland and metro Lansing are Consumers Energy (at least that was the last name I remember) and the metro Detroit area are Detroit Edison. Over in the Big Apple, Minless Dreck is blogging on generator power.

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