Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Last One Off Blogger, Turn Out the Lights-Part II-Amy Wellborn's moving over to TypePad, the MT hosting project. On my first of this series, John Adams comment on when I was going to make the jump. TypePad might just be it. I looked into Jatol back around Memorial Day, and even had signed up for server space, but MT set up was more than I was up to at the time, and I took the one-week free cancellation option. Right now, I'd like a server that I can stash pictures and graphs on. I'm teaching an on-line Microeconomic class this fall in October, so I'd like to have some place to stash supply and demand graphs for the class without having to beg space off the school's servers. Also, I'd like to have a place to put archives and other stuff, so I'd like more than just a blog space. I'd like to see how Amy and others fare with TypePad. Blogger seems to have fixed its archive problems, but I like the built-in-comment capability of MT. YACCS is worth the price, but not by much.

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