Thursday, August 21, 2003

Jihad Isn't Mentioned in This Sura-This Bobby Sura for Cliff Robinson trade looks interesting. The Pistons had a log-jam in the middle with too many 4s and 5s. With Wallace and Okur and Rebraca and draftee Darko Milicic and newly signed Eldon Campbell, not to mention Big Nasty doing a 3-4 swing, the middle was well covered. Robinson was excess goods. Sura gives the Pistons a legit scoring shooting gaurd off the bench who can make his own shot, filling Jon Barry's spot. With the blossoming of Tayshaun Prince in the playoffs, that might mean that Michael Curry winds up dropping out of the rotation; Curry can't make his own shot and can't hit the three. Pistons are lookeeng good for next year.

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