Saturday, August 09, 2003

Incorruptable Wealth-Before he went off on his 11-church preaching day, Richard Hall made this comment regarding Ahnold
When asked what qualified him to be Governor of California he replied (and I'm paraphrasing) that he was passionate about his goals, never gave up and (to a cheering crowd) had gone from being an Austrian farm boy to the highest paid entertainer in the world. It's unimaginable that anyone running for public office could make that sort of statement -- I mean to say, referring to your wealth just isn't done old boy! Then he made things even clearer, saying in effect that he had enough personal wealth to mean that he could never be bought by special interests. I wonder if that means that the only politicians we can really trust are the super wealthy?
Yes. But there are two types of wealth that can give protection from corruption. The first is massive wealth, where a billionaire might not be swayed by a multi-thousand dollar bribe. However, even rich people can get stoopid-greedy; Martha Stewart seems to have trashed a nine-figure fortune trying to illegally protect against a five-figure loss. The wealth that is more incorruptible is a wealth in the Holy Spirit. If we are rich in spirit, we can turn down temptations even if we're relatively poor. I'd rather have that kind of official than a rich guy.

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