Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Evening Musings-Weird Google for "Freeland Michigan P0rn." There might be a adult video store in town, otherwise, you're on your own. Josh's story on Jack Van Impe made Christianity Today today; CT's discovered Blogdex. I'm not sure what the insight of an escatology geek will help with foreign policy. It might help throwing someone in the base a bone, but it's unlikely to be a must-read in the West Wing, except for a few good chuckles. Proposed political cartoon
Panel One-Condi at here desk"Sure, we'd love to read your take on Israel, Reverand Van Impe." Second panel has her putting The West Bank in Prophecy in the, ahem, circular file
That's just about what it's worth from a policy standpoint. If God wants some serious doo-doo to go down in the Middle East , it'll happen regardless of what Dubya does. Isn't it amazing when a politician gets in trouble that they get a sudden urge to spend more time with their kids?
Gov. Judy Martz, whose first term has been besieged by missteps and dismal popularity among voters, said Wednesday she will not run for re-election next year. At a news conference, Martz said she wanted to spend more time with her family and insisted that her sagging popularity was not a factor in her decision. Recent polls have shown her approval rating at about 20 percent.
That's about as red a state as it gets, so the seat's fairly safe for the GOP. This is encouraging- only 19% of relocating retirees are moving to Florida; that figure was 32% a decade ago. The Florida panther may be endangered, but not the Gray Panther variety.

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