Thursday, August 14, 2003

Evening Musings-Tonight's class, coming at the end of a week (tomorrow is blissfully meeting-free, other than a couple of students coming in for advisement) of meetings, was fun. It was the current issues section of my International Finance class, so I was able to spend three hours pontificating on aging in Europe and Japan, instability in all the big players in OPEC, the Islamization of Europe and other issues. I mentioned Pim Fortuyn in class on that topic, and one of the students quiped "Is he Episcopalian?" Ba-ta-la-bing! No, he was a non-practicing Catholic, if I recall. I happened to hit the jackpot on my Fantasy Baseball team (solidly in third out of seven); not of my active players was blacked out tonight. I had a couple of Giants pitchers that weren't active tonight; the Mets-Giants game was the only one in the blackout zone tonight. Some good sports news; Lefty's heading up the leaderboard at the PGA. Time for him to get the major monkey off his back.

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