Saturday, August 30, 2003

Evening Musings-Signs of the coming Apocalypse-an animated Humphrey the Humping Dog at a gift shop, down the street from a store with "Chaos, Confusion and Mayhem, my job here is done." plaque. Thankfully, I did not see Humphrey in action. Other than that, our Saturday excursion to Mount Dora went well. Got to see some of the college football today and a few upstarts did well. Over a late lunch, I got to see Vandy give Ole Miss all it wanted before losing; how much pressure must Eli Manning be under? Later, I watch the second quarter of Alabama-South Florida. Late in the second quarter, USF was up 17-7 in Birmingham. I went to take a nap at halftime with the score 17-17. Well, USF was like that dog tied to the bumper in National Lampoon's Vacation; they did OK for the first quarter-mile. By the time I had woken up,the Tide had rolled, 40-17. Nebraska won their opener, beating Oklahoma State 17-7. When's the last time Nebraska started the season unranked? When's the last time the Huskers were home dogs to someone ranked 24th? Two of my three I-A alma maters won. MSU snuck past Western Michigan (not a good sign), Kent State snuck past Akron, but CMU got their head handed to them in the Big House.

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