Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Evening Musings-It looks like South Dakota will be in the market for a new Congressman; their lone member, former governor Bill Janklow, killed someone in a car accident where he seems to have run a stop sign. Looks like a good vehicular homicide case against someone with a history of being a leadfoot. Baghdad didn't have the only autoboomer today; Jerusalam had yet another one. I loved the WaPo sub-head that ranks a couple of Claudes-"Palestinian militants claim responsibility for suicide attack in Jerusalem that jeopardizes peace." If peace were in jeopardy any more often, Alex Trebek would be on the Hamas payroll. Speaking of pinging the Claudometer, Fox takes the cake for the evening "Davis Blasts Calif. Recall, GOP." You're expecting him to do something else, Sherlock?

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