Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Evening Musings-The Gray Lady blows a headline-"Dean Readies Ad Blitz More Than Year Ahead of Election." Try five months. We'll be seeing both Iowa and New Hampshire before Valentine's day. Has it been fourteen years since Michael Chang came out of nowhere to win the French Open? You don't have too many born-again tennis players, so Chang was a refreshing class act; having both he and Sampras gone will leave a hole, even though Chang hadn't been a major factor for a while now. He's hanging up the racket after today's loss at the US Open. Interesting piece on Wesley Clark, his backer did some polling showing that people like his resume better than Bush or any of the Democratic candidates in a blind taste test. However, we don't elect resumes, we elect people, and Clark may be a bit too prickly to be a good candidate.

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