Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Evening Musings-Got to sing When I'm 64 to my Mom tonight. She hit three-score and four today. Got word that my nephew is now walking at 10 months. Eileen's off at a woman's-retreat planning meeting tonight; when she gets back, we'll call her mom to wish her a happy birthday. Yep, both of our moms were born on August 20th. Maybe Baylor can play Division III basketball this year? No, that would screw up the Big XII sked. Most of the scholarships players are bugging out; the players have been granted a waiver from the rule that has transfers sit out a year before playing for a new school. It will be interesting to see the caliber of walk-ons that Baylor can get. At a school that size, there are likely some good players capable of playing Division II ball but choosing to go to a big school. So much for Pittsburgh mass transit; be ready to have the HOV diamond lanes fill up, for the Bus isn't running. At least not as a starter, Amos (Where 'zers a Will ) Zereoue gets the nod. [Update 9:20-One guy beat me to that last bon mot, but only one] Interesting piece on supermarket's response to Wally World Supercenters; you go upscale. For me, I don't buy a heck of a lot of upscale stuff, but a store that's easy to get in and out of with reasonable prices will get a lot of my business. If I want to save money, I'll swing by Wal-Mart. If I want to get in and out without wading through a sea of humanity or walk half a mile to get to the milk and OJ in the rear of the Supercenter, I'll do Publix. I'm looking forward to the new Publix opening up this fall on US-27 just north of Lake Wales; right now, there's no supermarket on or near the highway for my daily commute between Warner Southern and Cypress Gardens Boulevard.

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