Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Evening Musings-Feeling much better than I did this afternoon. I had a nice dinner out with Eileen this evening, got a birthday package from my parents and sister, a call from them and from my friend Rose, and a presentation of Happy Birthday from the Cabbage Patch Chorale on our living room love seat. Back a month ago, Illinigirl recommended a British movie, Bend it Like Beckham. I wondered at the time if that has some sort of Austin Powers-type double entendre. No, David Beckham's famed for his curving kicks. His first Real Madrid goal came today on such a free-kick bender. I'm still getting my mind around what this means to British soccer fans. The closest parallel I can think of was when Edmondton traded Wayne Gretzky to the LA Kings. However, the Kings didn't have Mario Lemieux playing with him. Real Madrid has Brazilian superstar Ronaldo as well. I'm no soccer expert, but that's one heck of a twosome. If you're lurking out their, Senor Gil, I'd like some feedback on what that one-two punch means. Kobe's scandal's good for the NBA? So sayeth Mark (Open Mouth, Change Feet) Cuban: "From a business perspective, it's great for the NBA. It's reality television, people love train-wreck television and you hate to admit it, but that is the truth, that's the reality today[.]" As long as it means more ad revenue, they're happy to get the Jerry Springer crowd to watch.

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