Monday, August 25, 2003

Crude Justice?-Chris Johnson reported on the death of pedophile priest John Geoghan, the scripture he quotes speaks of God's judgment. This report on Geoghan's murder wasn't pretty. He was strangled and beaten by a fellow inmate with an anti-homosexual streak. I'm not usually an AI fan, but this guy hits it on the head
"Everybody in prison knows that prisoners who have attacked children are hated," said Joshua Rubenstein, Northeast regional director of Amnesty International. "Mr. Geoghan was sentenced to a long jail term. He was not sentenced to be beaten or murdered by another inmate."
That's true. Pedophiles are just about the lowest forms of life in jails. An elderly homosexual one would be just about rock bottom. Add to the fact that it is an ex-priest makes him about as low as you can get. They should have been a bit more aware of this and given him a bit more surveillance. However, the Mosaic Law would have had Geoghan executed for what he did. I'm not in favor of bringing that back today, but his prison death is a form of crude justice. The factoid on pedophiles I mentioned in the last paragraph is fairly common knowledge, and Geoghan likely knew that before he preyed on kids when he was supposed to be praying for them. He's getting what Paul would have called the due penalty of his error.

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