Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Bush Gardens?-Good news (at least for Winter Haven) out of Talahassee-the cabinet has signed off on helping out Cypress Gardens. The deal looks like this; the state will buy an enviromental easement on the botanical gardens part of the park, keeping it from being developed, then selling the park to a private buyer to run the park. Given the large amount of development going on in eastern Winter Haven and northern Lake Wales (which are quickly bumping into one another), that property would be a hot commodity if allowed to be developed. The free-marketeer is uneasy about the deal, but I've got just enough crunchy-con in me to think it's a good deal. At least it will mean the place will pay some taxes, which should reduce mine. Some people have proposed that Polk County run the place; don't make me lose my dinner, please.

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