Sunday, August 31, 2003

Afternoon Musings-We had a family from Winter Haven (daughter and granddaughter of one of our Lake Wales churchmates) in tow today, and we hit the grocery store on the way home. They were looking for a Mexican thin toast product called Bimbo; mom had much fun telling story of 9-year-old asking a clerk "Where are the Bimbos?" Interesting change in church culture. A less-than-edifying conversation that revolved around [passing gas] was going on between the 9-year-old and a teenage girl we also had in tow. I quipped that if you did that in church, you'd have to sit in your own pew. Turns out that pew wasn't in the young one's vocaublary, and she's a precocious one. If you don't go to old-school churches that have those set benches, you're not going to hear that word. Mother Nature has been a mutha to Texas this year; Grace is the third storm to hit there this year, although Grace hit closer to Houston while the Rio Grande valley was the target of the first two hits. It's just off shore as I write, and Houston is expecting flooding.

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