Saturday, August 16, 2003

Afternoon Musings-Had a couple of good chuckles yesterday while doing errands. The first was the "Bad Cop! No Donut!" one that always gets my funny bone. The second I actually saw two examples of yesterday: you've likely seen one or two Brights have a Darwin fish decal on their back bumper, making fun of the various Chrisitan fish decals; this one raises the ante, with a bigger Truth fish eating a Darwin fish (he's a third of the way there, for only "Darw" is visable). The Terminator slaps down Mr. Berkshire Hackaway. "He'll live." You don't mess with football in Texas and you don't mess with Prop 13 in California. The worm-based denial-of-service attack on Micro$oft didn't get down. However, we saw one more flaw in the Windows systems.

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