Sunday, August 24, 2003

Afternoon Musings-Good news for Ahnold (however you spell it); Bill Simon has thrown in the towel. He hasn't endorsed anyone, but may not have to. There is an outside shot that McClintock could pick up enough conservative support to make him a viable alternative, but I think Schwarzenegger's anti-tax, budget-trimming speech of last week seems to make that a pipe dream. It would take a serious faux pas from Ahnold at this point for him not to win with Simon out. Look likes the Israelis have done another pest control operation in Gaza. A car has been blasted, killing four, the second such take-out in Gaza in a week. Which Hamas biggie was among the four is still unknown. We're back in industrial-size-can-of-whuppin' mode in the Holy Land. The Aussies may have created a martyr; the Aussie Pat Buchanan, Pauline Hanson, was convicted of fudging documents to get her One Nation party on the ballot. Since the three-year sentence was handed down, the party has shot up in the polls. The current Liberal (right-of-center) party government of PM Howard picked up quite a few One Nation voters when they got tougher on immigration; this might not be the best way to keep them. Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of MLK's I Have a Dream speech. Da Commish provides the text; the heirs of what Ben called "MLK Inc." proceed to butcher the memory. John Lewis' raises the blood pressure a notch with this
"I was here 40 years ago, 23 years old, a few pounds lighter, with all of my hair," he said, as he asked young and old alike to do more. "Too many of us are too complacent, too satisfied. We need to make a little noise."
Noise is what you've been making for far too long, Congressman Lewis. Progress is what is needed, and not in the amoral, big-government mode that the marchers would consider "progressive."

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