Monday, August 18, 2003

Afternoon Musings-Classes at Warner Southern start Wednesday, so I spent today dealing with last-minute schedule changes and putting the finishing touches on syllabi for my three traditional semester-long classes. I got a good chuckle as I was coming back from getting my big glass of ice water (Diet Pepsi methadone) from the cafeteria. One of our campus security guys was manning the "Auto Registration" table. I asked why, if they had auto-registration, why all the students were registering manually, going from station to station. I have to give the thumbs up to Shaun Micheel for the best 18th-hole approach shot in golf-major history. Up one, he sticks his approach two inches from the hole, tapping in to win by two for his first tour win. Not just his first major win, mind you, but his first PGA Tour win. We had a year where all the majors went to first-time-major winners, and the last two went to first-time winners on tour. Interesting news from Cleveland; Tim Couch is getting to sit on the couch, as Kelly Holcomb has gotten the starting nod. June 1, 2004 will be the likely last day Couch is a Brown if this holds up. One of the reasons the NFL has to pay so much in signing bonuses is that the contract is only binding one-way; players who are underperforming their salery can be cut without honoring the remainder. I was all set to pick Michael Vick with the first overall pick in Blogger Bowl 2K4. However, he'll likely slide to the sixth or seventh round since he broke his leg this weekend. We'll find out Saturday who the Blogger Bowl 2K3 runner-up Florida Blogistas take with their pick on Saturday.

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