Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Your Government Dollars Not At Work-Here's an interesting factoid in a piece on helping the homeless;
Polk [county] will receive $3.8 million in federal block grant funds, $350,000 less than last year. The county will keep about $700,000 for administrative costs and $300,000 for emergencies. That leaves roughly $2.8 million to spend on community needs.
About 20% of the money goes to bureaucrats? How about scrapping the government program altogether and give 100% tax credits for donations to poverty-fighting charities? That way places like the Salvation Army and other more evangelical rescue missions can help the poor and have the bureaucrats find something more productive to do. P.S.-Check out the snarky headline-"Limited Salvaton" The writer might not know his theology; the Salvation Army's Arminian (from Methodist roots), not Calvinist.

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