Friday, July 18, 2003

Unnatural Acts With Back Bumpers-This was an interesting Lakeland Ledger piece about a speed trap increased enforcement zone on I-4 north of Lakeland where they've got a 55MPH construction zone in a generally 65MPH territory. I don't travel that stretch much, but it's narrow and bumpy enough do justify a 55.
"Just about everybody's doing 10 miles over the speed limit," said Jesus Lopez, the undercover trooper shooting a laser speed detector at approaching westbound motorists. Lopez, who stood just west of the U.S. 98 overpass, spared a majority of speeders and ticketed only those exceeding 70 mph.
That's about right. The general pattern of drivers is that they want to go 65-70 regardless of what the posted speed limit is. If you go 55-60 in a 55 zone, you get people flying past you at warp speed. I try to stick at about 5MPH over the speed limit; before the legalism police come out, even police officers will both tell you that you have a de facto 5MPH cushion and to, where feasable, to move along with traffic.
Motorists are urged to slow down to avoid construction workers and navigate the often narrow lanes lined with concrete or other barriers. Lt. Sterling King, the FHP's public information officer, said many motorists follow the pack rather than risk having other cars and trucks ride their bumpers.
Yes, the ones that have "I'm not tailgaiting, I'm DRAFTING!" bumperstickers along side "Comment on my driving?-call 1-800-EAT-S**T." The ones that have the level of hell just above telemarketers reserved for them. Repeat after me -"Forgive us our tresspasses, as we forgive those who tresspass against us."
"Time is more valuable than money to some people," he said. "They take the risk. It's just ridiculous."
I haven't seen this bumper sticker in a while-"Drive like Hell, you'll get there."

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