Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Tropical Storm Musings-Hurricane season is upon us. Being a Michigan native, I used to view hurricanes a bit like watching NASCAR highlights-"Oooh, isn't that a nasty crash?" They looked spectacular, but didn't affect me personally. However, now that I'm living in Florida (albeit about as inland as you can get) and have in-laws in metro Houston, I now have the Tropical Storm page of Weather.com bookmarked1. Claudette seems to be just missing Eileen's folks, heading towards Corpus Christi; they might get some extra thunderstorms from the northern edge, unless she tries to hook north. We got lucky last year; no tropical storms found their way to Polk County. Quick question that has been running through my mind since Claudette was born. I refer this to Fritz Schranck-if an article is only slightly having a firm grasp of the obvious and doesn't quite rank a Claude, can we give it a Claudette? 1Yes, I'm an IE user now, but I still call them "bookmarks" in my mind, for I cut my Web teeth on Netscape. Plus, it's hard to verb "favorite."

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