Saturday, July 12, 2003

Teensploitation-I only caught the tale 10 minutes or so of American Junior earlier this week, but what I saw wasn't promising. Not that the teenaged singers weren't good, but that the choice of material (they showed short snippets of each singer for the hour at the end) was too mature for the singers, especially the female singers. I'd like to have some of the gals in the audience to confirm this: when a 13-year-old guy who's voice hasn't quite deepened sings an adult love song, he sounds cute, while when a 13-year-old girl sings an adult love song, she sound like jail bait. I think of a mid-teened Tanya Tucker back in the mid-70s, singing songs way too sensual for her age bracket. Having a middle-school girl sing Love the One Your With doesn't send the right message for kids or adults. It makes young kids think of romance when they're not emotionally or economically ready to raise or family and it treats pre-teen and early-teen girls as available sexual objects to both teenage boys and men; remember that a lot of teen pregnancies have adult boyfriends involved. Seeing late-teen sirens is one thing, where the age of consent has already passed, but the sensualization of middle-schoolers is the latest push of the cultural envelope.

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