Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Sports Musings-Methinks Maurice Clarett's next football game will be in the NFL
NCAA investigators descended on Columbus two weeks ago to investigate the theft of more than $10,000 of electronics equipment from inside Maurice Clarett's car, radio station WTVN reported Tuesday. According to the police report obtained by NewsChannel 4 in Columbus, one of two television monitors was stolen and the other was pulled from its location in Clarett's 2001 Chevrolet. Ohio State's star running back also told police that $800 in cash from his wallet, $5,000 in stereo equipment, 300 music CDs valued at $4,500 and a credit card also were stolen.
I know I don't have that kind of electronic bling-bling in my place, and I've had twice the lifetime to collect stuff. However, OSU shouldn't suffer much; they always seem to have a backup tailback waiting in the wings. One thing Clarett doesn't have; a back-up career as a model. Anna's getting ready to hang up the racket due to a back injury. How many athletes have parlayed so little success in their sport into so much popularity? May I invoke Fernando?-"It is better to look good than to be good, and you look mah-vel-us." One more reason to us to get cable-the NBA's starting back up in late October, going with a Lakers-Mavs TV opener.

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