Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Praying Against Your Enemies-Often wrong but never in doubt, Pat Robertson has stuck his foot in his mouth again, praying for illness to strike liberal Supreme Court justices (link via Sully). Just after getting raked over the coals for his backing of outgoing Liberian president and business partner Charles Taylor (I'll let Bryan Preston do the honors; he throws in a Campolo dig for even-handedness), he lets loose with this. The sad part is, part of me wants to agree with him; we'd don't want to kill off Stevens or Ginsburg or O'Connor, just get them unhealthy enough to step down. That would be in the long-term best interest of the country. However, when I thought about that sentiment, I backed off a step and remembered that we're supposed to pray for our enemies, not against them. When I remember what I felt when Julianne Malveaux wanted the same treatment for Clarence Thomas, wishing him a high-cholesterol, heart-attack-inducing diet, I stepped back three more steps. We need to upgrade the Supreme Court, but wishing ill health upon our political enemies isn’t the way to do that. It’s that type of rhetoric that leads the more unhinged among us to arrange for lead poisoning of abortionists. Had Eric Rudolph done his bombings at Stevens and Ginsburg’s houses rather than at an abortion clinic, we would have different decisions in the UofM and Texas sodomy cases. However, that doesn’t make assassinating people correct. The rhetoric of Robertson is a few steps away from launching a jihad against liberal politicians and judges, of encouraging a real Culture War. It may come to that someday in the future, where the US government gets sufficiently corrupted that the Red States look to gain independence, but not today.

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