Sunday, July 06, 2003

Morning Musings-There is power, power, laptop-working power, in Grandma's1 house. The electicity kicked back on about an hour ago. We got to bed with flashlights and oil lamps last night after Eileen and I showered out at Uncle1 John's south of Rockford. There is power, power, birdie-working power, in El Tigre's game this weekend. A six-shot lead going into Sunday, and Kevin is only offering a one-on-one trade for books in a bet. Only if he's offering a real book and I get to pick the cheapest item in the used book store. The Lakers as the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Jerks?-The Glove and the Mailman are looking to work cheap in order to snag a title. Karl may not deserve the title jerk (my mom, a big Utah fan, will protest), but he's got a prima-donna streak that is almost as bad as Payton or Kobe. I'm thinking of the proper macroeconomic spin explaination to give the 6.4% unemployment figures that came out last week, but the donkey crowd are giving their own spin. Isn't Hoover laying it on a bit thick? 1 While here, I find myself using her titles, even though their not my "real" grandma and uncle.

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