Friday, July 18, 2003

Morning Musings-Linking to a Lilek's piece is almost redundant, for he's rarely not on his A-game. Well, if he's got umpteen other things going down, the Bleat does get a bit sparse that day. Today wasn't one of those, with good commentary on Blair's speech and some cute Gnatisms
Door opens. They gone eachu in life! "Yes, but as I said, close the door or they’ll get in the house and bite your butt." Pause. My butt is in the house. Technically accurate, since she was leaning out of the doorway. It sounded like some sort of preschool hip-hop assertion: my butt is in the house, y'all. It made me wonder once again how the word “butt” got lodged in her vocab. I should have tried for something a bit more elegant, and made her use the word “Fundament" or "bottom" or "tushie" or "bifurcated arse-wad." But butt is is, and we're stuck with it. That will be the worst word she ever hears, though - my years of radio stuck an FCC filter on my tongue, and I regard my daughter the way I'd regard an open mike. This house is my station, and the call letters are WDAD.
Yes, Gnat is in the house once again, and her dad's living up to Hugh Huwitt's praises. This is accounting geek stuff, but it might interest some of the more economics-oriented people. I was supposed to go over "differences in international and domestic financial reporting procedures" with my International Business and Finance class, which I wound up doing. Trouble is, I never covered comparative accounting beyond the general knowledge that the rest of the world didn't follow the US's Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Luckily, I found that those differences are being phased out, as most developed countries are heading towards a set of International Accounting Standards by 2005. The EU's acceptance of the IAS is flowing through the European Commission even as we speak. There's only a little bit of tweaking that American GAAP will have to do to be IAS compliant, but European accounting will need a serious overhaul. This was an interesting article from a Czech accountant and academic explaining the differences between the IAS, modern European accounting and American GAAP. The Canadian government's in the process of codifying same-sex marriage, already legal in Ontario via court order, by submitting a bill before parliament. Meanwhile, the long-awaited Massachusetts case is still on hold.

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