Monday, July 07, 2003

Morning Musings-Kobe busted on a rape charge? It could be trumped up, but that would put a damper on the Lakers' effort to lure Malone and Payton to become part of the Staples Singers. It would also do-in a good-guy image that Bryant has set-up; not quite a real squeaky-clean Grant Hill-David Robinson thing, but one that you can't keep up with a rape charge. Even if it was consensual sex that the woman later regretted, it still will have various corporations that have Kobe as a spokesman reach for the antacid. Whether the allegations about Kobe are true or not, I marvel at the rape charges that athletes ring up. Its not as if they would have a problem going into a watering hole and find a willing woman; for Kobe, I'd bet the ladies would have to take a number. For these guys, the feminist critique that rape isn't about sex but about power may hold true; could it be that these guys are so used to getting their way that they result to violence if a woman says no? _____ This incident may be good in the long run, but butt-ugly in the short run-the US has arrested a group of Turkish military guys in Kurdistan. It may make for lousy US-Turkey relations, but it highlights Turkish designs to stamp down Kurdish nationalism in Iraq so that it doesn't spread to Kurds in southeastern Turkey. Bringing this out into the open may be good for the long-term. I've got a longer post in me on Liberia and West Africa in general, but we're close to a regime change in Liberia; the sticking point is whether outgoing leader Charles Taylor will have to face war crimes charges and whether a US-led peacekeeping force comes first or Taylor goes first. Wrong headline, Fox- the prefix liberal is needed on Protestants Losing Faith in Bush? This bunch of anti-poverty activists never had much to begin with. A few signed off on the faith-based initiatives, but didn't like the small amount of gravy heading their way. Remember- mainline churches are institutionally liberal, having them oppose conservatives isn't news.

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